On Grid Solar System

On Grid Solar System

Solar Panel - Solar Panels Convert Sunlight Into Clean Green Dc Electricity.

On Grid Inverter - Inverter Converts Dc Electricity into usable Ac Electricity

Grid Support - Electricity is imported from the grid and used in the home. Customer will have net metering facility – new digital time of use

Net Meter - Consumption meter that measures how much power home uses and any excess power your solar power system feeds back to the grid. When the solar system generator excess electricity the excess electricity generated goes through the export meter and is sold back to your electricity retailer adding credit to your account. Subsidy for residential roof top solar customers & accelerated depreciation for commercial and industrial customers.

Savings & Subsidy

Now save upto 75% on your electricity bill. Also get subsidy on solar panel purchase in respective states.

Grid Distribution

Save extra on your electricity bill by sharing the extra power you generate from your solar panel joining to the power grid.

Finance Available

Full project financing available from leading banks. Contact us for a survey and project estimate and get assistance for finance.

+ Projects Done
+ kW Power Generated
+ Tons of Emission Saved
+ kW Grid Distribution

Energize the future with solar power

In order to achieve the above target, Government of India have launched various schemes to encourage generation of solar power in the country like Solar Park Scheme, VGF Schemes, CPSU Scheme, Defence Scheme, Canal bank & Canal top Scheme, Bundling Scheme, Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Scheme etc.

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