Financing on Solar Panel Installation in India

Government of India is encouraging adoption of solar energy by every Indian. To promote convenient adoption and use of solar energy, public sector banks & private banks have been given statutory instruction by Ministry of Finance to offer loan at reasonable cost. We encourage all Indians to go solar with easy financing facility.

Please refer below to see Government Of India & Reserve Bank Of India Instructions to Public Sector Unit Banks & Private Banks on financing.

Circular By MNRE Circular By RBI

Savings & Subsidy

Now save upto 75% on your electricity bill. Also get subsidy on solar panel purchase in respective states.

Grid Distribution

Save extra on your electricity bill by sharing the extra power you generate from your solar panel joining to the power grid.

Finance Available

Full project financing available from leading banks. Contact us for a survey and project estimate and get assistance for finance.

Different Financing Models for Solar Rooftop Projects

We, SmartTech Solarize offer our clients various financial structures to suit their financial needs (partial investment, fixed / variable tariff etc.). We help Indian consumers to freeze the solar project requirement after due technical assistance and facilitate them with an easy access to financing. As per the project size ,investment amount & different financial needs,following two models are prevalent in the solar rooftop market.

1. CAPEX Model
2. RESCO Model

Different business models affect the exposure to upfront cost by buyer and encourage adoption of solar energy.


The most common solar rooftop financing option where customer has to pay 100% cost upfront. One among many advantages of this model is that consumers are eligible to claim accelerated depreciation to gain tax savings & make reasonable return on investment. Consumers who are facing high liquidity problems are not advised to opt for this finance option. Here O & M responsibilities are of rooftop owner.


Under the RESCO model, a third-party company finances, installs, operates and maintains the rooftop solar project. A power purchase agreement /lease agreement is signed between the installer and the consumer at a mutually agreed price (tariff). The main advantage of this model is that consumer can install a solar PV system and simultaneously have the choice whether or not to consume the electricity. Based on the consumption choice, the model is further divided into two types –

1. Rooftop Leasing
2. Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Rooftop Leasing

In Rooftop Leasing the project developer will be paying a fixed lease payment to a building owner over the time of the lease period for installing the solar panel on the rooftop.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

In Power Purchase Agreement the project developer can sell the power back to the building owner in favor of a lower solar power tariff. The excess power could be sold by the developer to the utility.

Benefits of RESCO Model

  • 1. No Upfront Payment, Payment only in convenient mutually agreed monthly installments.
  • 2. Consumer enjoy solar saving on his electricity bills without any upfront investment
  • 3. Consumer also has flexibility to own the plant at defined duration after paying a defined % of the cost of System and enjoy electricity at very low cost.


Pricing Plan

Calculate an estimate for the solar installation. For domestic or commercial use. Finance available from leading banks.

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Energize the future with solar power

In order to achieve the above target, Government of India have launched various schemes to encourage generation of solar power in the country like Solar Park Scheme, VGF Schemes, CPSU Scheme, Defense Scheme, Canal bank & Canal top Scheme, Bundling Scheme, Grid Connected Solar Rooftop Scheme etc.

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