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Solar Power Plant Cost Calculator

Calculate an estimate for the solar installation for residential domestic or commercial usage. Calculate power output from PV panels. Calculate panel requirements for residential, commercial & industrial usage. Finance available from leading banks.

Power Output Calculator

Calculate power generation from PV panels. Average hours of sunlight x solar panel wattage x 75%(to account for dust, pollution, weather) = daily wattage output. If you’re getting 6 hours of sunlight per day — on average — with a 300-watt panel, you’ll be getting 1,350-watt-hours per day.


Power Requirement (Domestic House)

Calculate your power requirement for home. Here we have a basic understanding as fan = 50 Watt, LED light = 10 Watt, LED TV 32" = 150 Watt, 5 Star Refrigerator = 250 Watt.


Solar Panel Cost Calculator

Calculate solar panel requirement and cost for industrial & residential house.

Finance Calculator on Solar Panel
Particulars Details
Downpayment (Rs.) Rs.
Loan Amount (Rs.) Rs.
Tenure (Years) Yr
EMI (Rs. / Month) Rs. 4320

Note: Above price is just an estimate cost of your solar panels which can change according to market availability. Installation labor charges are to be added extra with this cost.

Schedule a Survey

Schedule a site survey and get correct estimate on solar panel installation. Also get consultation on On-Grid, Subsidies, Financing schemes.

Govt. Subsidy

Subsidy on Solar Panel

Solar energy is the energy obtained from the sun which is renewable and can be used for multiple purposes. India’s geographical location is such that it receives tropical sunlight from anywhere in a large quantity throughout the year. Both the Central Government and State Nodal Agencies (SNA’s) offer subsidy schemes and encourage people to cut down their electricity bills. Deep diving into the concept of Government subsidy for solar system installation in India. India has earned the title of the fastest developing solar power industry on a global scale and also for producing lower-cost solar power in the world. Various schemes have been launched to encourage the domestic use of solar power.

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For solar panel schemes in India, if you are planning to install rooftop PV systems you can avail of loans up to Rs 10 lakhs from nationalized banks under the category of home loans or home improvement loans.

This subsidy on solar panels is for institutional, residential, and social sectors and not for commercial, industrial, and public sector undertakings.

The Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has introduced various Central Financial Assistance (CFA) schemes to favor the use of solar energy in India and achieve the target of 100 GW electricity usage. Through this government will provide subsidies on solar panels to enterprises that are contributing to the growth.